About Thara

Thara created Get Toned with Thara over 2 years ago after the birth of her baby, Ayva.  She is a certified holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher and health and wellness have always been a passion for her.  After having her baby, her vision for helping others became even more clear.  Thara was able to get back to feeling like herself in less than 6 months.   This isn't important from a weight standpoint, but more from a standpoint in a belief that she didn't want to lose herself or the things she loved after having a baby.  She still wanted to get dressed up and feel good about herself daily, while having the energy needed to care for a newborn!

Thara believes that food is fuel and highly identifies with using food as medicine.  Although we are a much more educated society, there is still much more to be shared and she loves passing on all she has learned over the years.

Thara has helped over 100's of girls worldwide and looks forward to continuing that mission! Toning from the inside out...