Why Join Thara?

Thank you for your interest in joining my team!  We are so excited for the launch of our products in the U.K.  This is an incredible opportunity to take your health and wellness to the next level!  I believe with all my heart in the quality & effectiveness of these products and in this company.  I can't wait for you to experience them as well!

We are in the pre-launch phase of the company with products becoming available on May 15th.  Sign up now so you are ready to go next month!  There is no obligation and no cost at this time so you have nothing to lose (except some pounds) but everything to gain!  Once you are signed up, Thara will connect with you to personally explain the program and what's next!  

What are you waiting for? It's time to make lasting change for the life you've always imagined!

I can't wait to partner with you and help you to uncover your best self so you can pursue your dreams to the max!


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