Mamapreneur Candle Maker

There's nothing that inspires me more than a Mama of 3 who insists on maintaining her sense of self and independence while filling a void in the marketplace.  And this Mama doesn't just sell candles.  She MAKES them from scratch and then even turns them from richly scented candles to decor.  Oh and did I mention that they're phthalate free and lead free, hand poured and in the cutest designed Mason Jars?   Absolute perfection!

I recently started removing candles from my home and the yoga studio because of the carcinogens released when burning paraffin candles.  It was one of those things that I never really thought about but here we are, eating healthy, and looking for non-toxic skincare, yet we are lighting candles and breathing in toxic fumes without even realizing it.  It's like everywhere we turn, we find out all the things we love are bad for us! So depressing! 

Enter Jars of Love Candles!  A beautiful and healthy alternative to the typical scented candle.  Owner of Jars of Love, Leana, makes these herself with high quality soy wax.  She smothers them in gorgeous colors and the aromas are sure to delight your nose without breathing in the harsh chemicals that laden many of our typical candle purchases.   She's a woman after my heart because you all know how much I adore anything that I can enjoy guilt free!

Leana's driving force - these three cuties!

Leana's driving force - these three cuties!

I asked Leana how she possibly manages this business with three children under the age of four, yes you read that right!  Passion, organization, time management and a supportive husband are her keys to success.  Oh yah and coffee too!  Often working through her children's nap times and bed times, clothing and lunches prepared the night before and a passion for what she does fuel her!  Like most Mama's, she admits that being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs of her life, but one she wouldn't change for the world. 

Thanks for sharing this beautiful gift with us Leana!  I wanted to get this post up in time for Valentine's Day because I think these could make perfect, unique gifts for the ones you love.  Leana ships quickly so I"m sure you can still get these gifts just in time.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop here!  I see these complementing everything from home decor to a thoughtful gift to the perfect centerpiece at your next event.  I hope you all enjoy and support this amazing Mamapreneur.  You can use the promo code RELAX15 for 15% off these delectable candles!