It's Not Where You're At, Just Where You Are At This Moment

Smiles after the storm...

Smiles after the storm...

As many of you know, Jay and I spent the greater part of our day on Wednesday the 4th in the emergency room waiting for them to reset his dislocated shoulder.  It was certainly not the happiest place to spend our evening and Jay was in excruciating pain for majority of our time there.  

Not to mention, that we were only four days into the new year!  Here we all are, intention setting, getting the year started off on the right foot and then BOOM, he dislocates his shoulder and a wrench is suddenly thrown into all of our plans!  It's one of those split second moments that literally changes the next few weeks or months and how we approach them.  And there we are faced with a choice.  Do we let this moment become our story?  Do we let this moment become something that defines us?  Or do we simply acknowledge it as jut that - a moment.  As the nurse got him ready for discharge, he laughed with us and reminded us that, "This isn't where we are AT.  It's just where we are at this MOMENT."  I told him I would be stealing the line because I loved it instantly.  Things inevitably will go off track in life.  It's just the way it is.  But when they do, we can't create a bubble of gloom around our heads and let these negative moments define who we are.    Acknowledge it as a moment, learn from it and move on!  Just like I tell my students in class, "This too shall pass..."  

Happy Friday and remember to let that ish go!

Thara Prashad