Not Bad, But Still Not Quite Right!

Yah so it's been one of those weeks (I know it's only Tuesday! lol) Not bad not good, just not highly productive as I prefer! lol
I spent yesterday in the city doing meetings which was great and today Ayva had an audition and then a few other things combined and I didn't get home till 4pm with her. So although I did so much, I feel like I've done nothing because my to do lists have been left untouched, no scribbly scratch outs or check boxes checked!
I know we spend so much time on social media sharing all the good things that happen but today I wanted to share that not everyday is exactly as we want it or exactly how we plan it. That's real and that is OK too!
So today my challenge is to be grateful that I squeezed in a workout even though traffic made me miss my class. My challenge is to be grateful for the time spent with hubby and Ayva, even if she wasn't in the mood for an audition. And if I get though even just a few emails now, I will be grateful for a little bit of productivity for the day! It may not be exactly how I wanted it but that's life right? Things pop up and our job is to navigate our way through the many road bumps and traffic jams and find a way to do it with a smile on our face at the end of the day. Life is great. We woke up and tomorrow is a new chance to get through that to do list! No biggie! 😉 Happy Tuesday peeps! That's my #MantraMondaysWithThara post since I was too busy to post it yesterday! Hehe ~ Thara Natalie ॐ

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