I LOVE Juicing!

Ayva Smoothie Hawaii.JPG

I have been drinking green juice daily for almost 10 years now!  Juicing is a large part of my wellness journey and something that I think should be incorporated into almost everyone's daily diet, young to old!  Ayva was drinking green and beet juice before she was ever introduced to any other type of juice and quite honestly I steer clear of fruit juices for her as much as possible.  If we are in a situation where she has to have one, I always dilute but my belief is, start them young on their fresh veg juices! 

There are so many things to know about juicing and it can be very confusing with all of the different things on the market.  But at the end of the day, I am a believer in experience and I know first hand that juicing 100% keeps me healthy and makes me feel great!  It's amazingly hydrating for the skin and it's also a fantastic immunity booster!  Our bodies need nutrition to stay strong.  And we also need lots of living food so that we can in turn be full of life too!  It's really that simple.  Of course, there's also the question of juicing vs. blending.  I think they're both great and I actually do both daily but for this particular post, we'll focus on the benefits of juicing.  We'll talk smoothies another day ;o)

Now let's be clear.  When I discuss juicing, I am NOT talking about having orange juice for breakfast!  Orange juice somehow became a staple at the breakfast table and it is one of the worst things you can do.  You may as well just drink a cup of sugar!  If you want to have an orange, then eat an orange and enjoy the fiber that comes along with that orange. 

And I"m also not talking about those NAKED juices or Jamba juices that we often see around.  These are not good for you in any situation.  They are packed with juice from concentrate, not the real fruit or veg and they sometimes even have added sugar which is beyond insane to me!  How these companies are allowed to market themselves as healthy is beyond me and to the uneducated public, I find it so be so unfair.  I know that these companies are often making changes and updates to their menus but when they've been serving us health-less food for so long and marketing it as healthy, it really makes me wonder whether I can trust what they are offering, even if it seems healthy at first look.

I have always been a lover of good old fashioned juicing.  I know that cold pressed is all the craze right now and they do say that we get even more nutrition from cold pressing which does make sense as well.  But what I love about the good old fashioned way is that I can literally watch them put the goodies in the machine or I can do it myself.  I know exactly how much apple to cucumber to spinach ratio I am getting.  Whereas in the pre-made version, I have to hope that they're truly packing it with as much greens as I would expect and also not adding any water to it.  That's the real beauty of juicing.  It would be hard for me to sit down and eat three handfuls of spinach or kale, but throw it into the juicer and boom!  All those nutrients flooding my bloodstream in an instant! 

If I"m not feeling well, I have a 2oz shot of ginger and fresh squeezed lemon.  These simple remedies have worked for years, but we somehow forget the simple things when we have so many options.

And as you heard me talk about in my video, even when I"m feeling a little anxious, I've learned that juicing can help.  My anxiety is often brought on by depletion of nutrition and I just need to give my body that boost of nutrition it needs to help bring me back to balance. Sometimes we are simply eating too many carbs and the sugar highs and lows can make us feel off.  Of course there are times where there is a deeper clinical issue going on but I have found this to be helpful for me with random pop ups of stress and anxiety.  

There is nothing better than raw fruits and veggies and in a fresh juice, I can pack quite a lot in which is what I love most.  Giving our bodies, raw, organic goodness to fuel our cells and feed it the oxygen it needs.  When we juice the right way, we are literally consuming live energy! 

I usually use one green apple in my juice to add a little sweetness and lemon with some of the rind still on is key to cutting the green taste. 

So cheers to the juice life!  Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite juice combo!   

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